Basic features

We provide the most affordable, secure and feature-rich platform.

Site Staging

Site staging

Create staging sites and push changes to live sites.


Offsite backups

Up to 4x daily offsite backups.


Manage email

Unlimited email addresses using your domain.

SSL Certificates

Free SSL

We provide free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates.

Install apps in a single click

Install and manage applications with ease right in our dashboard area, no need to login to cPanel. Choose from over 300 applications.

Create staging instances

In a few clicks, create staging instances of installed applications to test new features before pushing to live sites. Our easy-to-use dashboard makes this a breeze.

Clone applications with ease

Want to clone an existing application? Thinking of moving to a new domain? It only takes a few clicks to make a new copy of your site.

Free SSL certificates

Our SSL/TLS manager will allow you generate new SSL certificates, certificate signing requests and private keys. Secure your site and gain your customers’ trust.

Manage email accounts

Make your business look professional with email that represent your brand. Create accounts with ease and access webmail in a single click.

Manage website backups

We backup your applications offsite automatically every 6 hours, but you can create manual backups of your applications whenever you want.

Monitor resource usage

Stay on top of your spending by getting real-time information on how much resources your applications are consuming. Set limits and get notifications when you reach your limits.

Advanced file manager

Manage your application files with our easy to use File Manager. You don’t need an FTP client to access your application files, modify, download and upload resources.

And more amazing features!