Powerful control panel

Spend less time managing your infrastructure with our powerful control panel.


Manage server

Manage and configure your server.


Install applications

Deploy popular applications in one click.

Private DNS

Manage DNS

Configure your DNS straight in our control panel.


Manage Backups

Secure your data by backing up your server.

Powerful management dashboard

cPanel powered user-friendly dashboad.

Manage your server

Start, Stop, Restart your server, upgrade your server, enable private networking, DDOS protection and backups. Access the HTML5 VNC console.

Manage snapshots

Create and manage snapshots of your server. Deploy new servers with previous snapshots.

Configure startup scripts

We have a wide range of popular applications to get you up and running. Deploy apps like WordPress, Magento, cPanel, Minecraft and Docker.

Manage SSH keys

SSH, or Secure Shell, is a protocol used to securely log onto remote systems. SSH keys help you connect to your server and configure your server.

Manage DNS zones

We offer free DNS hosting for customers’ domains. The nameservers are on an AnyCAST network and ensure fast DNS resolution.

Manage backups

We offer automatic backups as an addon. Backups are essential for mission-critical systems, and our backup system adds data-protection with one easy-to-manage feature.

High performance cloud