CDN & security

Our Cloudflare integration lets you secure your sites and increase performance with an ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery network, DDoS protection and more.

Enhanced performance

  • View site analytics
  • Manage firewall rules
  • Cloudflare DNS & CDN
  • Manage website caching

Simple, affordable
and transparent pricing

  • Unlimited DDoS protection
  • Global anycast DNS solution
  • Global content delivery network
  • Real-time analytics on DNS traffic

Cloudflare Integration



Cloudflare integration comes with our managed hosting only and is priced for each hosting account.

*excludes Cloudflare pricing

Why we chose Cloudflare


Always available

Cloudflare's global anycast network allows DNS resolution at the network edge in each data center across 200+ cities, resulting in unparalleled redundancy and 100% uptime.

Integrated security

Cloudflare offers built-in DDoS protection and one-click DNSSEC to ensure your applications are always safeguarded from DNS attacks.

Superior performance

Cloudflare's authoritative DNS is the fastest in the world, offering DNS lookup speed of 11ms on average and worldwide DNS propagation in less than 5 seconds.

Highly customizable CDN

Cloudflare lets you apply advanced control over how content is cached on its network. Page Rules let you specify particular behavior for individual URLs, including what gets cached and for how long.

Increased bandwidth savings

Caching content on Cloudflare’s network reduces the number of requests to an origin by serving static content from a Cloudflare data center, minimizing bandwidth consumption.

Unlimited DDoS mitigation

Relieve your organization from the costs and stress of DDoS attacks against your DNS. With Cloudflare Managed DNS, you get unlimited and unmetered mitigation against DNS-based DDoS attacks.

Advanced analytics

Get in-depth, real-time analytics into the health of your DNS traffic. Cloudflare’s built-in analytics give you deeper insights into your traffic patterns, threats observed (and blocked), and much more right from the dashboard.

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Manage your DNS records

Our user-friendly interface lets you manage your DNS easily. You can add, edit or update the DNS records at anytime without having any advanced technical knowledge.

Manage your firewall settings

You can manage your firewall settings without logging into the Cloudflare website. You can easily adjust the Security Level, Challenge Time, Browser Check or even add a new Firewall IP address.

Mange website caching

Manage caching settings from your dashboard. You can easily set the Caching Level, Browser Cache Expiration Time. You can also purge cache for a specific file or overall caching.

View website analytics

You can easily view traffic, bandwidth and other stats. You don’t need to go to the Cloudflare website to see all this information, just login and view them on your dashboard.

Manage bots with speed and accuracy

analysis (1)

Behavioral analysis

Cloudflare analyzes behavior and detects anomalies in your Internet property's specific traffic, scoring every request by how different it is from the baseline.

Machine learning

Cloudflare’s Machine Learning trains on a curated subset of hundreds of billions of requests per day to create a reliable bot score for every request.


Cloudflare uses fingerprinting from approximately 25 million Internet properties to accurately classify bots.

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