Careers at Cerfcloud

Working at Cerfcloud is like being on Cloud 9. We need talented people like you to help grow our business.


Custom work stations

Mac? PC? Linux? You get what you want.


Free meals every day

Breakfast and lunch are provided for in-office staff.


Commuter benefits

Free transport, to and from work.


Social events

Hackathons, seminars, idea research, parties and more.

Our core company values

Cerfcloud is a values-driven company. Here’s what we believe in.


Continuous innovation

At Cerfcloud, we have an earnest curiosity that consistently drives us to be innovative and creative.

Simplicity in all we do

We make decisions that eliminate complexity so we can enable our customers to focus on their Ideas.

Customer-first approach

Customers have always and will always be our number one priority at Cerfcloud. Your peace of mind is our peace of mind.

Incredible team working through the hard times.

Committed to renewable energy

We use a mix of public cloud providers. We are almost certain that every single server we provision is powered entirely by renewable energy. For instance, both Google and Amazon operate their own wind farms.

We take an extremely proactive approach to ensuring every Cerfcloud service is carbon neutral. We calculate our entire energy usage, regardless of source, and offset it twice over. In effect, this means that we are offsetting renewable energy, as if it were actually non-renewable – twice!

This includes web server power consumption, as well as staff consumption and commute estimations.

We'll plant 5,000 trees this year

We plant a tree for every 10 websites hosted with us. By our calculation, this offsets our carbon footprint between two and four times over. We offset all of our usage irrespective of the source.

In our calculations, we convert the average power usage of each of our servers in Watts to kWH and then to CO2 released based on Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The conversion factor they give is 0.28307 kg CO2 for each kWh produced. This is based on the emissions generated by the current UK power stations per kWh generated.

Perks and benefits

Just a few reasons why our employees love working at Cerfcloud.

Full health coverage

Generous health coverage for all our employees. Nobody gets sick on our watch.

Flexible paid vacation

We encourage mandatory paid time off to all employees to take a break from work.

Education support

Your education is important to us. We allocate a budget to help our employees aquire new skills.

Gym membership

We provide our employees with a full gym membership to keep them healthy and staying refreshed.

Current openings

We update this regularly, you never know when there’s an opening for you.



We are looking for a highly responsible technical support engineer who is able to empathize with customer needs and offer extraordinary technical support to our customers.



We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to help increase conversion, revenue and ROAS.You will be responsible for day-to-day management of all marketing material.



This position is open to anyone with PR experience. We're looking for someone who can work on the entire public image of the company so we can better reach potential customers.

Fully inclusive and remote friendly company

Cerfcloud is committed to being a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone. Regardless of who you are or where you live, we’re committed to making sure you feel respected and supported at work. We also support remote work for employees based in the United States, Canada and the western part of Europe.

Premium cloud hosing.